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Gaurav Bilolikar

PhD student

Gaurav Bilolikar is a graduate student in the Evolutionary Biology PhD program at School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University.

Gaurav obtained his bachelors and masters degree in Biological Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India. During his undergraduate years, Gaurav worked on various topics such as Meta-genomics, Synthetic Biology, and Evolutionary Biology. He became especially interested in understanding how simple units (such as genes) interact with each other to choreograph the evolution of complex traits and behaviors. This motivated him to choose his master’s thesis project in Evolutionary Biology. He used local regression models to understand evolutionary patterns of gene expression across various mammalian tissues. Gaurav was advised by Himanshu Sinha for his thesis.

At Arizona State University, Gaurav is planning to investigate the response of gene regulatory network components to subtle perturbations, and to understand the evolutionary mechanisms that orchestrate these responses. When he is in his den, he likes doing science illustrations, clicking pictures, playing video games, and searching for the meaning of life.

Recent Papers

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