Our research moves beyond mapping the effects of mutation and towards understanding how and why these effects depend on context. We use cutting edge technology in budding yeast to precisely measure how the impacts of thousands of mutations change as the genetic background or environment is systematically varied. This leads to better predictions about the effects of mutation as well as better models about how context dependendence influences evolutionary processes.

Kara and Sam have started 12 evolution experiments, each one follows a populations of ~500,000 barcoded yeast cells as they evolve drug resistance. Follow us on twitter! #KGSlabEvolves

Posted 27 Oct 2020

Ichi, Gaurav and Kerry publish a review paper on why and how to study context dependence.

Posted 06 Oct 2019
Published 19 Aug 2020
Published 18 Aug 2020
Published 29 Jul 2020
Emerging frontiers in molecular evolution
Liberles et al. J. Mol. Evol. 2020
Published 14 Feb 2020